What is Linux-Bench?

Linux-Bench is a simple script that provides a basic level of Linux benchmarking functionality. Instead of running multiple scripts that will have dependencies vary based on each operating system, Linux-Bench handles all of the dependency installation and updating automatically. It works on major Linux distributions such as CentOS, RHEL and Ubuntu.

Linux-Bench is mainly focused on processor performance. A storage version is currently being tested.

It is also designed to be minimally invasive. There is a Docker.io container based version and the main script can be run from a standard Ubuntu 14.04 LTS LiveCD using only three commands. By mounting a LiveCD over IPMI/ KVM-over-IP functionality, Linux-Bench can be run remotely on servers with no local disks installed.

Linux-Bench script's parameters have been profiled across over 200 different systems, from low-end Atoms up to quad-socket Xeon and Opteron servers, thanks to an active community participating and posting edits in GitHub.

Get involved!

The Linux-Bench community is located at: https://forums.servethehome.com/linux-bench/ One can suggest new tests, post results, or even help make edits to the development branch of the benchmark.

Click here to find the legacy STHbench.sh 2013 dataset

Linux-Bench CPU Benchmarks by ServeTheHome.com and ServeThe.Biz (c) 2014-2015 Loyolan Ventures LLC